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Out textbook is called "Traditions and Encounters: a Global Perspective on the Past", by Jerry Bentley of the University of Hawaii. We will read the WHOLE BOOK during the course of the year, cover to cover. It is a highly effective book geared towards delivering much of the content and organization on the AP exam.

Supplementary to the text are numerous primary-source documents, professional essays, audio-visual resources, timelines, maps, charts, graphs etc., located here as well on the website. Finally, an AP World exam review book will help facilitate studying beginning in late April.

Students should keep themselves organized. They should have a folder to keep their work and handed-back notes in, a large notebook serving two purposes: 1) a source of paper on which SPRITE Notes can be written, torn out and handed in, and also as a place to keep class notes. Colored pencils, 3x5 cards, printer paper.

Click here for the book's website with interactive work