Dear Fellow Traveler aboard the Spaceship Earth,

      If you like science and the big picture, you'll dig chapter one. It has got a hint there about our place within the superstructure

of cosmic reality. If you are concerned about Western Civ like I am, read into chapter two. Europeans may not readily understand

the reference made to the American film called the "The Neverending Story" on pg. 46. If you watch the movie, however,

you'll join the company of American schoolchildren from the 1980s- and while that may not be the best company, the film's deeper

themes will be found vital to your awakened mind. If you have seen this deceptively adolsecent film, perhaps you could see it again.

This is its intoduction and accompaniment in which you may notice the approach. Chapter three is for the security and

comfort-minded, and the fourth suggests how media could be used to generate the upswing in perceptions we are longing for.

     Synthesis of a topic like this- which seems improbable- (that the development of the great beyond can save our Western AND

our global civilization), means bringing out material already written by experts and putting it to use in a new or remanufactured way.

Tsiolkovsky's Imperative is the idea that destiny is and must include the now bemoaned manifest destiny of the vistas of our

star system's celestial spheres. Dwell on the notion long enough, and it may become part of the solid inner core of your being, as

it has mine, Howard Bloom's, Peter Garretson USAF, and others... more and more, many, many others. We are not alone! for communique, with pleasure anytime.

     Thank you,

     David Tamm

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