American Food

Good ol burgers & chili dogs from the ol USA


Mexican Food

Tacos, beans, burritos, meximelts, guacemole


European Food

English, Irish, French, German, Polish, Greek!


Italian Food

The tastes of Italy here in Florida


Invented here or Rome? We still don't  know.


Sub Shops

Yum! The taste of a nuclear submarine...


Bar and Grill

Can you hear the Tzssssssss sound?


Family Restaurants

Don't get a visit from DHHS, Feed your family!



The best slaughtered cattle meat, char grilled

Chinese Food

Food from Shanghai without getting your

wallet Shanghai'd


Japanese Food

Ooo! Did you see Marlin just flip that shrimp

into his hat?


Other Oriental Food

Relive those days on the Mekong


Breakfast Specialists

They also serve lunch

Waterfront Restaurants (w/ view!)

Come here to watch the waves



Yes, things do live in the ocean, eat them here!


Fast Food

Treat yourself to industrially made dishes. And

you thought only at Japanese places you could

watch them make your food? Try Taco Bell.


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